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Surfboard Rentals

The area’s finest selection of surfboards and wetsuits available for in-store pickup or conveniently delivered directly to you in Southern Orange County! Our experienced and friendly staff will help you choose the right board for your level and the current surf conditions.


11am – 6pm  Mon-Fri

10am – 4pm Saturday

10am – 5pm Sunday

Call 949.5o6.9962 to schedule pickup/delivery of boards,

or to schedule pickup outside store hours

Surf Etiquette

Surfboard Rentals San Clemente strongly promotes a healthy fun surf experience, so we promote your understanding basic surfing etiquette before you paddle out. Knowing the basic rules of the surf will help you make sure that your first time out is fun and safe.

Here are a few basic safety rules to keep in mind:

  • Respect the right of way. When there is more than one surfer paddling to catch a wave, the person who has paddled closest to the peak has the right of way for that wave.

  • Don’t “drop in” on others. Paddling to catch or dropping into a wave while someone is already riding closer to the peak is considered rude and potentially dangerous. Remember to scan the line of the wave for other surfers before you try to catch it.

  • Very popular and busy beginner surfing locations don’t usually have these strict rules and multiple people will often ride the same wave (sometimes referred to as a “party wave”). If two people are waiting on the same wave, whichever person catches it first and is closer to the peak has the right of way.

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